Heirloom Expo “Fiddle-Off”


Because of the time constraints of this contest, few contestants are expected. If there are fewer than 2 contestants in a given division, the age limitations may be changed at the last minute to ensure competition within each division.

Rules for Heirloom Expo “Fiddle-Off” Contest
Sept. 7, 2017

There will be two divisions of competition: Youth, for ages up to 17; Adult, for ages 18 and up. There will be no entry fee in either division of the contest.
Youth Division: First place, $125; Second place, $50; Third place, $25
Adult Division: First place, $400 + new fiddle from Ifshin’s; Second place, $250; Third place, $100, Fourth place, $50
There will also be extra merchandise prizes. Every contestant will receive something.
There will be two (2) judges for the contest. They will decide if the proper tune is being played. They will also be prepared to conduct a “tie-breaker” (see below) if necessary.
  • The youth division will play before the adult division. All contestants for the division will stand together on stage, and will take turns in the order in which they registered for the contest.
  • A list of tunes will be available on the CSOTFA District 10 website. The list for the youth division will be shorter than for the adult division. Copies of the list will be offered to contestants at registration, also.
  • The first contestant will draw the name of a tune out of a container, and will be required to play that tune once through. If the judges agree that the tune was played completely, that contestant will stay on stage while the others have their turns doing the same. If the contestant cannot play the tune, he is eliminated from the competition. If necessary, more tune names will be added to the container after at least 2 rounds, all of which will be standard tunes from the general American repertoire.
  • The last remaining contestant in the Youth division will be awarded first place. The last two remaining contestants in the adult division will play in a “sudden death” playoff, and will be awarded first and second place. Should the contest run short of time without a clear winner, a “Tie-Breaker” will be used. The judges will present a list of tunes (still from the common repertoire) that were not published in the official list. If a contestant is not able to play the tune drawn from the tie-breaker list, the other contestant must try the same tune. If neither can play it, the contest continues with another draw. The contest ends when a final contestant has played more tunes than all other competitors.

    This contest type is new to the West Coast, and inspired by competitions in the Midwest. The purpose of it is to promote the expansion of a common repertoire among all fiddlers, especially the younger players. It should be fun, and any comments and suggestions for the future will be sincerely appreciated by District 10.

    The Repertoire

  • Tune list for Youth Division

    Angelina Baker
    Arkansas Traveler
    Cluck Old Hen
    Girl I Left Behind
    Liza Jane
    Old Joe Clark
    Over the Waterfall
    Saint Anne's Reel
    Soldier's Joy
    Turkey in the Straw

    Tune List #1 - Most Common Tunes

    Angelina Baker
    Arkansas Traveler
    Blackberry Blossom
    Boys of Blue Hill (Beaux of Oak Hill)
    Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap (Steph's Reel)
    Chicken Reel
    Cold Frosty Morning
    Cluck Old Hen
    Cripple Creek
    College Hornpipe (Sailor's Hornpipe)
    Devil's Dream (De'il Amang the Tailors)
    Eighth of January
    Fisher's Hornpipe
    Flowers of Edinburgh
    Forked Deer
    Girl I Left Behind
    Golden Slippers
    Harvest Home (Wilson's Clog)
    Irish Washerwoman
    June Apple
    Kitchen Girl
    Leather Breeches (Lord MacDonald's Reel)
    Liza Jane
    Mississippi Sawyer
    Miss MacLeod's Reel (Hop High Ladies) (Uncle Joe)
    Old Joe Clark
    Over the Waterfall
    Over the Waves
    Old Molly Hare (Fairy Dance)
    Ragtime Annie (Raggedy Ann)
    Red Wing
    Rye Whiskey (Jack o' Diamonds)(Drunken Hiccups)
    Seneca Square Dance Saint Anne's Reel
    Sally Goodin' (simple version is acceptable)
    Shove that Pig's Foot
    Soldier's Joy
    Turkey in the Straw
    Whiskey Before Breakfast

    List #2 – Well-known tunes

    Bill Cheatham
    Billy in the Lowground
    Black-Eyed Susie
    Cherokee Shuffle
    Colored Aristocracy
    Drowsy Maggie
    Fire on the Mountain
    Flop-Eared Mule (breakdown or schottische)
    Hell Amongst the Yearlings
    Jenny Lind Polka (Heel and Toe Polka)
    Joys of Quebec
    Kesh Jig
    Listen to the Mockingbird
    Little Rabbit
    Mason's Apron
    Miller's Reel
    Off to California
    Old French
    Peek-A-Boo Waltz
    Rickett's Hornpipe
    Scotland the Brave
    Smash the Windows
    Staten Island Hornpipe
    Swallowtail Jig
    Varsouvienne (Put Your Little Foot)
    Wagoner (Tennessee Wagoner) (Texas Wagoner)
    Westfork Gals
    Westphalia Waltz

    List #3 - Challenger

    Angus Campbell
    Annie Laurie
    Athole Highlanders
    Banish Misfortune
    Great Big Taters in the Sandy Land
    Haste to the Wedding
    Hull's Victory
    King of the Fairies
    La Bastringue
    Morpeth's Rant
    My Own Home (Me Ain Hame)
    Off She Goes
    Old Mother Flanagan
    Paddy on the Railroad (Merry Blacksmith)
    Paddy on the Turnpike
    Red-Haired Boy
    Rights of Man
    Road to Lisdoonvarna
    Rose Tree
    S'Beag, S'Mor
    Speed the Plough
    Star of County Down
    Temperance (Teetotaler's Reel)
    Wind that Shakes the Barley
    Woodchopper's Reel (Woodcutter's Reel)

    Let's have some fun and good luck to all of you!!!